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DNS management is the most important part of your website. It is the very first level of how visitors access your site, and it is important that your DNS servers are lightning fast and always online.

Hostwadi utilises three DNS nameservers, geographically distributed across Saudi Arabia. Two servers reside in two different data-centres in Riyadh and the third resides in our Jeddah POP. This product is included FREE with every billed Hostwadi service.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully geographically redundant nameservers, each residing on a different class C IP range
  • Record changes are replicated instantly to slave servers
  • Full daily backups of systems and hourly backups of records
  • Monitored by the Hostwadi NOC 24 x 7 x 365

Geographical Advantage

Multiple servers in different areas of the country minimises the chances of anything disrupting DNS lookups. All of our DNS servers are within Saudi Arabian borders maintaining Saudi Arabian data sovereignty.


Your DNS records are stored on servers housed in Saudi Arabia’s leading data-centres, providing the highest levels of security and performance right from the first connection to your website.

Flexible and Scalable

As your business grows, so will the visitors reaching your site. Our DNS management service is FREE with every billed Hostwadi service and features UNLIMITED resources. Never worry about how many domains you can host on our servers, or how many DNS queries per second.


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99.99% service level guarantee

We are so confident in our hosting infrastructure and the expertise of our professional support team that we offer a 99.99% SLA.

24x7 Network Maintenance

All features of our network are monitored 24x7x365 by our monitoring systems and NOC staff to address issues as they arise.

Build a business partnership

By taking HostWadi, you are associating with a leader in Saudi Arabian hosting. With our qualified staff working 24x7x365, you can feel confident in our expertise and commitment to giving the best possible hosting for your business.

We partner with the best in the business.

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  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • Cisco
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  • Linux
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