Load Balancing

Load Balancing squeezes more performance from configurations of two or more web servers; especially those at risk of traffic spikes; large e-commerce websites, social media networks and ad serving platforms.

HostWadi employs F5 Big IP load traffic managers delivering high availability, improved performance, application security and access control. This technology disperses traffic evenly across your servers to prevent one from becoming overloaded to the point of failure. If one server fails, traffic is automatically and instantaneously diverted to the remaining servers.

Hardware specifications

Model Number: F5 BigIP 3400

  • Max throughput – 1Gbps
  • Max concurrent connections – 4 million
  • Max layer 4 requests / sec – 110,000
  • Max layer 7 requests / sec – 35,000
  • Max number of servers load balanced by a single VIP : 1000

Supported load balancing algorithms:

  • Round Robin
  • Sticky Session
  • Least Connect
  • Custom selections available as well
Benefits of Load Balancing
Plan for growth while avoiding downtime With HostWadi's F5 BIG-IP hardware, you get the industry's most advanced load balancing and monitoring capabilities. The BIG-IP allows you to easily add physical or virtual servers and redirect traffic away from issues affecting specific servers.
Secure your applications and data BIG-IP Load Balancer uses a suite of security services to protect your most precious resources - the applications running your business. Add modules for secure access, spam reduction and application protection for advanced security options.
Reduce server, bandwidth and management costs Simplify system management by consolidating security, acceleration and availability in one easy platform. You can significantly reduce operational costs by using fewer servers, less bandwidth, less power and less cooling - while reducing the time spent time managing your infrastructure.
Saudi Arabia's fastest network connection Just as we distribute the hosting load across multiple servers, we also share the bandwidth load across internet connections from Telstra, Uecomm (Optus) and PIPE. Faster load times for you and your customers.
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